Bonehut: The Office Doghouse For Your Office Mascot


Once upon a time, there was a good girl named Gracie. Every day, she showed up at Rieke Office Interiors and boosted our morale. There was just one problem: our beloved office mascot had nowhere to rest once her rounds were complete.

Our designers, engineers and manufacturers got together for a 52/25 brainstorming session. With all those experts working together, the solution quickly presented itself: Bonehut.

So, as a thank you for what she brings to our office, Rieke Office Interiors created Bonehut—an adorable and eye-catching office doghouse. Gracie isn’t much of a talker, but if she were, she would probably thank our 52/25 initiative.

52/25: 25 New Products Every 52 Weeks

That’s the challenge Todd Rieke gave to the team. We’re always looking for ways to create unique and innovative products, and 52/25 gives us an excuse to continuously let our imaginations run wild.

Many of our 52/25 products were born out of necessity—whether it’s a client that comes to us with a need that requires a customized solution, or a pooch who needs a comfy place to rest her paws. One thing’s for sure: we use parametric design to build furniture that fits perfectly in your space.

Most importantly, we have a ton of fun doing it.

Are You Interested In A Bonehut Of Your Own?

Bonehut is a freestanding dog bed, and we’re able to incorporate it into a workstation or stand it on its own. Some of our favorite offices are dog-friendly, and if yours is one of them, we are ready to build a Bonehut for your walking, drooling self esteem booster.



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