CEL’s Jaw-Dropping, 16,000 Sq. Ft. Office Makeover


California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) has three technical centers in Santa Clara, CA, Lafayette, CO, and Buffalo Grove, IL. Their plan was to spruce up their Buffalo Grove office in phases, adding new furniture over time. But that plan changed when they came to Rieke. After being struck with a bolt of inspiration upon visiting our office, they ended up with a brand new look.

16,000 sq. ft. of renovation

CEL essentially needed their entire office to be furnished, which included eight executive office spaces, engineer lounge and desks, demo lounge, a main conference room, sales desk, cafeteria, and all-new artwork.

Throughout the renovation process, Rieke Office Interiors worked directly with CEL’s architect design firm, talking through the design of the furniture, the colors, and the floor plan.

Stress-free, head-turning workplace design

On top of our expert design and in-house manufacturing, we pride ourselves on making sure our customers stay as stress-free as possible during the daunting renovation process. We don’t just design and manufacture. We’re there for every step, making sure headaches are avoided. And when you have a customer as wonderful as Paul Piloni, the process is even smoother.

Paul is the Senior Lab & Facilities Manager at CEL, and he says every client that walks by is amazed by the new facility. “The greatest success,” he says, “was meeting an amazing team at Rieke that inspired the hell out of me. They are the friendliest, most professional company that I have ever met, and I’d recommend them to anyone.”

When we asked Paul how he felt the process went, he gave a heartfelt and lovely answer. You can read it below, and be sure to contact Rieke when you’re itching for a workplace makeover of your own.

“I personally felt the entire process was stress-free, and everyone I met was extremely friendly and helpful. The Rieke showroom was amazing, with so many great ideas that I borrowed from. After my less-than-friendly experience at another furniture showroom, I was excited to meet with Gini. What a difference!

I was welcomed with a firm handshake, a hug and a big smile. The first thing that was noticeably different (besides the professionalism) was that she allowed me to look around unattended, which gave me time to visualize our space with the various pieces of furniture. She took the time to show me samples and even shipped samples to our office.

Todd, Rieke’s CEO, also came out and showed me around. It was clear he had an amazing vision for his company, and I really liked how he encourages his employees to come up with new ideas every year. I loved all of the positive quotes on the walls—another thing I “borrowed” for our facility. I knew immediately that Rieke was the company I wanted to help me create a positive and inspiring environment at CEL.

Rieke will always be ranked above all of their competition because of how they treat their customers (and the quality of the furniture.



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