Feng Shui at the Office


Always keep energy flowing

When building the entrance at Hong Kong Disneyland, executives decided to shift the angle of the front gate by 12 degrees.

What a weird number. Why 12 degrees?

Answer: They consulted a feng shui specialist, who told them how to keep the positive energy flowing. The change in the angle of the front gate was one way Disney worked to reflect the local culture. The change helped ensure prosperity for the park.

The tenets of feng shui teach that our spaces should be carefully thought out to promote productivity. At Rieke, that’s a concept we firmly believe in. If a workspace makes you feel comfortable, you can focus more energy on your work.

How we use space and orientation

The decor suggestions Rieke designers make don’t just look great. They have practical implications for the surrounding environment.

  • Sound-absorbing felt sculptures are highly functional but add a unique touch.
  • Placement of light fixtures and the use of plants reduce eye strain and purify the air in a sealed space.
  • Thoughtful planning of storage space works to minimize clutter. Bright colors, mirrors, and art can make even small rooms feel airy and open.

Like practitioners of feng shui, our sales and design team approach each consultation as an opportunity to produce something that fits perfectly. We establish a relationship with our clients to learn what works for them as individuals. We listen to them carefully, learn their work habits and particular needs, and then study the physical space in minute detail before we begin our design.

We know that off-the-shelf solutions are not going to match up with the needs of every one of our customers. That’s one reason we manufacture our custom office furniture ourselves, right here in our Chicagoland facility. Using parametric design, we take needs and specifications and calculate exactly what size each furniture piece needs to be in order to perfectly fit into place.

Historically, feng shui promotes good fortune, health and efficiency. Rieke designers have the same outcome in mind: maximum prosperity for your business, better health for your staff and the most efficient use of your office space.

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