Increasing the Spirit of Wellness in Healthcare Environments


By Toni Gatz, Account Manager

It’s a universal truth that the environment in which we work affects the way we perform. Our designers and their teams put many hours into creating the perfect workplaces that enhance productivity and feelings of well-being. But in healthcare facilities, the needs of patients must also be taken into consideration. Safety is of the utmost importance, but care should also be taken to create an environment that is soothing and healing.

As we’ve designed for the healthcare space, we realized something exciting: the things that typically support productivity and well being in an office space also support health and safety in the healthcare environment.

The following are ten workplace design elements that can positively impact the satisfaction level of patients in healthcare environments while enhancing the ability of the professional staff.

1. Maintain consistent air quality through efficient HVAC systems

2. Let in as much natural light as possible to lessen “institutional” stress

3. Use non-porous surfaces in construction to prevent bacterial growth

4. Purchase family-friendly, easy to maintain furniture that is adjustable for a variety of sizes

5. Provide user-friendly technology systems

6. Create open, safe pathways and spaces to enhance comfort of patients and family members

7. Consider noise solutions like sound absorbing acoustics, ceiling, panels or fabric wall art

9. Certify low emissions with Green-guard, SCS Indoor Advantage, etc.

10. Provide “team neighborhood” spaces so healthcare providers can communicate easily

Designing healthy organic environments and high performance buildings can promote environmental responsibility, provide the highest level of facility design and employee care while increasing patient satisfaction scores. The effect of these ten practices will help guide you toward better decisions when designing your healthcare facility.



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