It’s Time To Give Your Office Some Acoustic Flexibility


Did you know acoustic design doesn’t have to be an eyesore? True story! Rieke Office Interiors offers Turf—a suite of award-winning acoustic design products that can bring a wonderful combination of privacy and openness to your office. We are so excited about the limitless possibilities this technology has for your workplace.

Work environments with large empty spaces have a tendency to sound, well, empty. We aimed to solve this problem with five Flexie Acoustic options. They sport a pleasing parametric design, they have a wide range of color options and they’re environmentally and economically friendly.

Our 5 Turf Products

  • Brandie: Acoustic Signage
  • Peter Pandelier: Acoustic Ceiling Accent
  • Soundtrax: Acoustic Panel Divider
  • Stratus: Grid-Constructed Acoustical Solution
  • Torrent: Award-Winning Acoustic Wall Covering

Every one of our Turf Acoustic products was created in-house thanks to our 52-25 initiative. Click here to learn all about Turf.



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