Kill The Ugly Office


You’re surrounded by four gray walls covered in rough fabric. Above you, there’s a buzzing fluorescent light, casting cold, blue light into your chamber. You’re hunched over in a creaking chair with wheels that let you roll over the dull, flattened carpet beneath your feet. A bright screen makes your eyes water while you wonder, “is it five o’clock yet?”

This isn’t a horror story from the silver screen. Unfortunately, this scene is all-too-real for those stuck in traditional cubicles at their office jobs. Our surroundings impact us more than we know, and these kind of sad settings are not conducive to creative, inspired work.

Rieke Office Interiors is here to change all that. With our fresh designs, we’re taking a bold stance: kill the ugly office. When you choose to work with our team, we set out to eliminate all things dull and drab and replace them with the bright and beautiful. From design through build to the final installation, our capabilities only end when your vision does.

It’s time to say, “so long,” to the horror of hopeless cubicles. Come to Rieke, and let us kill your ugly office today.




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