Mike Warren: Creating Workplace Environments That Enhance Success


Mike Warren is the Workspace Culture Consultant at Rieke Office Interiors. He works hard to make sure clients understand that investing in the right workspace environment is crucial in developing a culture that attracts and keeps the right talent. “That is the key differentiator for the businesses I work with.” Mike says. “If I can get that idea through to my clients, I know they will be successful.”

Mike is in constant contact with past clients to see if Rieke can add any additional value to our relationship with them. With an eye to the future, he cultivates new clients who might benefit from his networks of talent and his own experience.

Customers find it easy to relate to Mike. Thanks to his background as an entrepreneur, he speaks their language and understands their needs. He faced many of same challenges and had to make similar decisions when running his own businesses.

It’s not a one-way street. Mike listens carefully to the lessons our customers have learned while pursuing business or creating new technology, and then shares them with his co-workers.

“I love being around companies and people that have that same mentality,” Mike commented. “Learning about their business plan and how they do their thing and run their business. I savor that as part of my role.”

Mike is definitely hands-on when it comes to satisfying his customers. On any given day, he can be found locating work orders, laying out furniture or attending to any number of details that ensure current projects and installs run smoothly. To Mike, this part of the job is all about having fun. He appreciates the effort that makes a job come together and enjoys celebrating the final result with the team.

Outside the office, Mike enjoys going to his daughter’s volleyball games or golfing with his son and the rare occasion when he gets to go out to dinner and a movie with his wife. Once a year, he gets together with his favorite buddies and heads for Las Vegas. He loves the energy and environment there.

Mike believes in serving the community. He serves on the boards of the Food Pantry for Greater Elgin and the Elgin Chamber of Commerce. He is also very passionate about the opportunities in manufacturing that are available for students coming out of high school. He sits on the Education Foundation of the Technology in Manufacturing Association and spends a lot of time at schools speaking about careers in the industry.

Mike describes himself as a Big Universe guy. In his words, “Set goals, create strategies to reach them, be positive and appreciate what you have.” It’s an outlook that has made him successful both in business and in life.




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