Perfect Furniture for Imperfect Offices


We don’t live in a perfect world. Unfortunately, most office furniture companies think we do — only making furniture in “standard” sizes to fit a “standard” workplace. At Rieke, we know that most offices are not a one-size-fits-all deal. There are often obstructive walls, inconvenient outlets, and oddly placed doorways that get in the way of the ideal space.

That’s why we’re dedicated to building furniture that fits into your non-standard office. Using parametric design, we take your ideas and specifications and calculate exactly what size each furniture piece needs to be in order to perfectly fit into place. Our CAD program and CNC machinery allows our team to accurately execute these designs, shaping desks and chairs, piece by piece, down to the millimeter. Once each piece is precisely manufactured, our team of installers handles the finishing touches to bring perfection to your imperfect office space.

Because we manufacture everything here, we guarantee non-obsolescence for life. This means that we never discontinue a product line, allowing us to create matching furniture for your office down the road, so long as the vendors’ materials are still available.

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