Reimagining Your Conference Room


As more and more businesses move towards cooperative models, companies need multi-purpose spaces better suited to innovation and collaboration. For many modern offices, the traditional conference room no longer serves a purpose. What do you do with a space that’s no longer functional? You take what you have and re-imagine it as what it could be.

The problem with traditional conference rooms is that they are one-size-fits-all. You’ve got your projector or modem, your telecom equipment, and a heavy board table that swallows most of the remaining space. A space like this does nothing to boost creativity or facilitate teamwork.

Just like a surgeon needs a clean operating room and the proper equipment to carry out a procedure, your employees need the right space and the proper tools to do their best work. It’s hard to work together effectively when you’re standing hunched over a 15-foot table straining to see what your coworker is doing on his side of the table.

Of course, every company is different and each office has its own distinct needs. The key is to recognize what your needs are and work towards a creative solution. That’s why Rieke takes the time to get to know our customers. We invest in a relationship with you. We get to know your employees, your corporate culture, and the purpose of a particular room so that we can design a space that meets your current needs and anticipates your future ones.

“The solutions for these spaces are never cookie-cutter,” says Mike Warren, Rieke’s Workspace Culture Consultant. “They are unique to the client, their culture and needs. They are tailored.”

Whether you’re looking for a highly creative space that gets those juices flowing, or you have specific technology-based needs like specialized video capabilities and high end Wi-Fi configurations, we are committed to creating a solution that meets your specific needs.

Every element of the room plays a role in the final product. That’s why we take into account everything from the seating and the tables to the feel of the fabric, the lighting, the sounds, and even the smells. We refuse to cut corners and we work tirelessly to make sure each element is perfect.

Our hands-on approach means that we have control over every aspect, from sales and interior design to the ins and outs of our in-house manufacturing facility. Be assured that we are integrally involved in every part of the design and production of your space. No matter the size of your budget or the length of your timeline, you can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality furniture and custom solutions.

If you’re looking for a way to redesign an obsolete conference room, we’re positive we have the solution. The only limit to what we can do together is how far you let us take our imagination.



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