Rieke Earns Interior Design’s Best of Year Award with Torrent


52-25 Initiative brings home some hardware

Torrent, a multi-dimensional, eco-friendly acoustical architectural wall covering, was developed by Rieke Office Interiors as part of our 52-25 Initiative. 52-25 challenges us to create 25 new products every 52 weeks. The initiative is at the core of who we are as a company and keeps us constantly looking at spaces with an eye for how to efficiently transform them.

That’s why it’s so thrilling and validating that Torrent was awarded Interior Design’s Best of Year Award for Innovative New Material for Wall Covering.

Tackling a common problem with Torrent

Work areas with large empty spaces have a way of sounding vacant and desolate, but traditional acoustic paneling is an eyesore. So we asked ourselves “Can we make a product that’s acoustically sound and aesthetically pleasing? Oh, and can we make it environmentally friendly, too?”

If you haven’t figured out where we’re going with this, the answer is a resounding yes to all of the above.

Not only did Torrent achieve what we wanted it to, quite frankly, it’s simply an awesome product.

How Torrent can work in your office

The inspiration for Torrent’s visual component came from the idea of movement. We wanted to capture the oscillating physical waves you see in natural elements like torrential rain. To achieve this, we created a 3D surface made of individual slats whose dimensions can be manipulated to form waves.

Because of Torrent’s parametric design (a modeling process based on mathematical algorithms), each installation is customizable to meet a client’s individual needs and create the perfect focal point for their specific space. Each installation begins by evaluating the constraints of a given space and putting together a custom design proposal. The entire process can usually be completed within a few business days.

We are proud to say that Torrent is also an environmentally sustainable product made from a dense felt material comprised of 50% recycled plastic bottles. This material efficiently absorbs sound and creates acoustical balance.

Once the proposal has been accepted, we create the 3D surface and manipulate the dimensions to form waves. Then the surface is cut into individual slats and installed. In most cases the full project, from design to installation, can be completed within two weeks.

A validating sign from Interior Design

We’re enormously proud of this award. It means we’re on the right track with 52-25 and that our work is catching eyeballs on the national level.

Beyond that, the recognition speaks to who we are and what we stand for. We never stop dreaming and innovating, and we strive to make the most functional, original offices you’ve ever seen. Torrent is only one of dozens of products we’ve poured our creativity into. While we’re proud to have produced Torrent, we’re equally excited about the possibilities our other solutions can bring to your office.

We’re thankful for our Best of Year award and we’ll celebrate it as an office, but then it’s back to what we do best: transforming your office space into something extraordinary.




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