Rieke’s 52-25 Initiative


It’s 11:04 AM and you’re sitting in your cubicle, staring at your computer screen trying to force yourself to be productive. You’re distracted by the conversation floating to you from down the hall and your back is already aching from sitting in the same position for hours. You’d love to bounce some ideas off of a coworker, but when you glance around, everyone around you is tucked away in their own little caves, busy with their own tasks. You sigh and look at the clock. It’s 11:06 AM.

Does any of this sound familiar? Research shows that your surroundings influence your emotional and mental health. It’s no wonder that a stifling office environment has negative impacts on your creativity and productivity.

Most businesses aren’t intentionally choosing to create uninspiring workplaces, they’re simply following traditional models. You can’t make a better choice if there aren’t any better options.

We are the people who create better options. We are pioneers, dreamers, and visionaries. We see the changes happening in today’s workplaces and we push ourselves to explore new possibilities and create fresh solutions. We stay true to our identity as innovators through our 52-25 Initiative.

The premise of the 52-25 Initiative is simple, but the implications are anything but. We create a minimum of 25 new products every 52 calendar-weeks. This means we don’t have time to coast; we are always moving forward. “Good enough,” is never good enough for us. We always strive for the spectacular. “By committing to 52-25 we guarantee that the product is totally unique to us,” says Todd Rieke.

We come together and ask, “What if?” What if instead of expecting employees to conform to a traditional workspace, we built workspaces around employees’ needs? Twice a week we meet to discuss our answers to this question. Everyone brings an idea to the table, and together we move forward with the best designs. We set te bar high, but we’re rising to the challenge. So far we’ve produced more than 30 new products and continue to generate new ideas every week.

When we asked, “What if you could move easily between sitting and standing at your workstation?” we answered with Bravo, an affordable sit-stand desk that allows you to change positions without interrupting your workflow.

When we asked, “What if acoustic solutions were multi-functional?” we came up with Brandie, our custom-designed acoustic signage that absorbs sound while functioning as a platform for corporate branding or a creative display for words of inspiration.

When we asked “What if we combined workspace and playspace?” we created Versa, a multi-functional table perfect for conferencing, dining, and the occasional game of ping-pong.

The solutions that have been born of the 52-25 Initiative are already changing the workplace for the better, and our commitment to continually push the creative envelope means we’ve only scratched the surface of what office space could be.

You should love your workplace. It’s our job to make that a reality.



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