The Magic of the Sit-To-Stand Desk


Keith Booton is President of Ivor Andrew, a marketing agency in Wheaton, IL. But this is really a story about his lower back.

Keith goes all-in on everything, and that includes back injuries. He herniated a disc while attending a trade show in Germany, leaving him barely able to walk. After a grueling plane ride home, his neurosurgeon told him that the size of his herniation set a new record. The injury was so severe that the doctor demanded Keith get in for surgery the next morning. After the quick microdiscectomy and several months of physical therapy, he was back on track. Soon after, he approached us for a custom sit-to-stand desk.

Sitting all day hurts us.

The effects of sitting all day have recently become known, and they’re not pretty. Organ damage, muscle degeneration, weight gain, loss of brainpower, and back or neck pain all show up if you post up on your posterior all day, every day. That’s why one of the things we do at Rieke Office Interiors is create custom sit-to-stand desks for any worker who wants to lessen their reliance on the sedentary lifestyle.

Sit-to-stand desks help us.

On top of the apparent health benefits of sit-to-stand desks—which include decreased risk of heart disease, lower blood sugar levels, and lower risk of weight gain—they bring work benefits as well. Switching from sitting to standing is a literal change in perspective, and that change brings more energy, focus, and productivity. Keith has noticed that a surprising uptick in that department since we installed his new desk.

“Even though we’ve always had ergonomic chairs at our office, my back would still stiffen up,” he said. “But since I got my new desk, my back has felt better than it has in years. I spend about half the day standing, and I leave the office with less pain and more energy now.”

Don’t just sit there. Make the switch today!

A sit-to-stand desk is an easy way to get additional health and productivity benefits at work. No matter the layout of your personal workspace, Rieke Office Interiors creates it custom for you. We design, build, and install completely in-house.

Best of all, we have the expertise to make your new desk really freaking cool.



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