It’s something Kubrick and Hitchcock knew. It’s something Spielberg and the Coen brothers know. To establish the atmosphere and feel you want, you simply have to knock your lighting out of the park.

We at Rieke Office Interiors believe in the importance of lighting. When we create your office space, we always make a point to highlight how much of a difference the right lighting can make. It’s a little bit like a great bass player or a lockdown NBA stopper: often unnoticed but absolutely vital to the success of the whole.

And when it comes to the success of your office space, nothing dims its chances like fluorescent lighting.

The many problems with fluorescent light

Let’s start with that humming noise. It’s like having a chorus of indoor bug zappers serenading you as you work. Not great for productivity.

The quality of the light isn’t great to begin with, and it slowly worsens from the moment it’s turned on. Fluorescent bulbs dim slowly and consistently over time, which strains the eyes and can cause nasty headaches.

We would understand the universal adoption of this subpar lighting option if it were cost effective. But the fact is, fluorescents use a ton of electricity, they could have as little as 5,000 hours of life and disposing is difficult enough to bring on even more headaches.

But there’s light at the end of this always-humming, slowly-dimming tunnel.

The illuminating solution of LED light

Meet the ultimate solution to outdated fluorescent lighting. LED light excels in all the ways fluorescent comes up short. With a 60,000-hour lifespan, it has twelve times more output. It has excellent light quality throughout its life, and it uses over 60% less electricity.

With energy costs trending up, LED lighting is a cost-effective way to improve the environment for everyone who works, meets or sets foot in your office space. And when the environment is appealing, improved morale and productivity can soon follow.

Rieke Office Interiors: your partner in design

As we work with you in designing your perfect workplace, we make a goal of being straight with you. When a lighting option like LED comes along, with its environmental friendliness, vibrant feel and flat-out superiority, it’s simply a must-have.

If there’s one takeaway we can give, it’s that every piece of your space contributes to the overall atmosphere. And at ROI, we work hard to make sure every piece fits your space just right. From flooring to lighting and everything in between, we’re here to build you a lasting, culture-boosting office.

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