Cultural variety creates design challenges.

Boomers, Millennials and Gen X – oh my! In this day and age, some companies staff up to five generations of people, all sharing the same office space. It’s likely that they have different ideas regarding what makes up the perfect work environment.

How do you come up with a solution that fits each demographic’s needs? Actually, you don’t! While it helps to understand how the different generations work and collaborate efficiently, the most important thing is to design a space that fits your company’s unique culture.

The art of listening.

A revolving door of employees is terrible for productivity. That’s why it’s vital to listen to your workforce and incorporate as many of their ideas as possible into your workspace design. We all enjoy knowing that our voices are being heard. When we’re engaged with our company, we produce better results, our morale is higher, and our loyalty grows.

The mix of generations in your office can be challenging, to be sure. It’s a little like selecting background music for the entire office to work to. What would be soothing to some would drive others up the wall! For that reason, it is important to provide a variety of areas so everyone can find a place to work that fits their comfort zone and enhances their productivity.

At Rieke Office Interiors, we work with you to match your culture, your workers and your needs to create the perfect environment. As an example, a collaboration area with soft seating or standing tables near windows allows Millennials and Generation Xers to have quick, informal meetings without walls and doors. And Baby Boomers? We’ve found they’re typically more comfortable in the board room and conference room setting.

“Can I see myself working here?”

Make no mistake about it: today’s potential hires size you up just as much as you do to them. Can they visualize themselves in the existing workspace? Will they see a “nook” that calls to them? These impressions will be made the instant they walk through the door.

On top of that, new clients can also come from any generation. The proper environment can make or break a valuable relationship. Will they feel comfortable? Will they feel you “get” them? If not, you should consider renovating your space and investing in a setting that removes generational barriers.

Let us help.

At Rieke Office Interiors, we work with you and the dimensions of your space to give you workspaces that will make employees of every generation feel at home.

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