Want to save on custom office furniture? Seek in-house manufacturing.


At Rieke Office Interiors, we believe your office should be limited only by your imagination and not by the pages of a catalog. That’s why we manufacture our custom office furniture ourselves, in our 150,000 sqft Chicagoland facility. You get the customization you want, and you save money to boot.

Why we started in-house manufacturing.

Back in the early 90s, we bought and sold used furniture. We soon realized that this practice resulted in consistent upkeep. Because of this refurbishing work, our ability to make our own products became apparent. In the mid 90s, we decide to go completely in-house. We’ve never looked back. For over 20 years, all of our manufacturing has been done within our walls.

Control for us, customization for you.

With our in-house manufacturing team, we fulfill orders large and small, minimize lead times and reduce cost. But the biggest differentiator from being 100% in-house is customization. Our competitors are often restricted to existing catalogs, but that’s not the case here. You have, quite literally, infinite customization options at Rieke.

A manufacturing team with decades of experience.

Our manufacturing department is 35 people strong, many of whom have been at Rieke upwards of 15 years. Just about all of them got their start right here, and all are cross-trained to pitch in and do whatever is needed of them. The entire team has an unstoppable work ethic and willingness to grow, and Miguel Martinez is the reason. Miguel is our VP of Operations, and everyone under him knows how important it is to commit to hard work and teamwork every day. Our manufacturing team takes immense pride in what they do, and their attitude has shaped who we are as a company.

Collaboration is the future.

In the past, we designed a whole lot of desks and chairs for cubicles. But with the current emphasis on workplace productivity and morale, we’re fulfilling more and more orders that accommodate collaboration, enhance break rooms and give conference rooms some personality. We expect that trend to continue, and we couldn’t be happier. At Rieke, we love to collaborate with each other and with you to develop the best possible solution for your office.




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